Modern Kitchen Design: Tips to Consider in Your Kitchen Layout Ideas

It can be said that the kitchen of any house is a point of pride for any homeowner. This is especially true for those who have designed and built their own. Your kitchen unit design should be no different, and the effort that goes into creating the kitchen floor plan and following through on it all the way to completion should certainly not be a wasted effort thanks to minor mistakes.

Regardless of the design, style, organisation, and layout, there are a number of common mistakes that should be avoided in your kitchen layout ideas. This article will cover some of these mistakes, as well as offer various tips and tricks towards ensuring that your modern kitchen design is flawless.

Never Obstruct the Kitchen Triangle in Your Kitchen Unit Design

A good kitchen floor plan will always accommodate the three most used items in the kitchen. Specifically, these are the sink, stove/oven, and the fridge. Given the most kitchen activity happens with these items, it follows that none of them should be obstructed from each other.

The most activity of the three will generally be at the sink. As such, it follows that the fridge and stove should have easy access to it. When considering your kitchen layout ideas, keep this in mind, ensure that a good flow of activity can occur between them.

Always Account for Addons and Extra Storage in the Kitchen Floor Plan

While it may seem like a minor detail, it is often the case that the amount of storage space needed for your new kitchen is underestimated. This will present storage problems almost right away, as well as a lot of regret in your modern kitchen design. To add to this problem, extra storage will cost much more to add on to the kitchen further down the line than if it had been accounted for in the original plan.

To avoid this headache, be sure to use whatever space that is feasible for extra storage options. Additional drawer dividers, pantry pull-outs, lazy Susans, and other such storage methods will go a long way towards improving the space efficiency and organisation of your kitchen unit design.

Poor Lighting Makes for a Problematic Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that cannot afford to have poor lighting. Aside from the aesthetics and atmosphere setting capabilities of good lighting, they are also important for safety. On top of this, good lighting is a great way to show off the design elements of your modern kitchen design.

When considering your kitchen floor plan, you should optimally use 3 different kinds of lighting to best illuminate and show off your kitchen space. General lighting is important for overall illumination of the kitchen, task lighting for each station of the kitchen (Such as separate lights to illuminate counters and stoves), and accent lighting, to add to the atmosphere of the room.

Don’t Forget the Budget

The budget allocated to the kitchen floor plan, and the kitchen layout ideas as a whole, is the most important aspect of the project. In this endeavour, it helps to formulate a list of the most important aspects of the kitchen that need to be redesigned. When this is done, allocate the budget accordingly.

Additionally, as a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the kitchen cabinets will generally take up about a third of the total budget. This is due to their quantity, being the most common item in a kitchen unit design.

The Cutting Edge of Modern Kitchen Design

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